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Technology is at the very core of everything Patchcord does. Using proven Open Source Technologies, bound with documented software and innovative ideas, will allow disparate networks to communicate.

The Patchcord Framework is more than a collection of data and silicone. It allows systems to share information, while letting users contribute and organize information. Then, at the end of the day, management can collect that data in meaningful ways.

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Proven and trusted technology doesn't just happen. There has to be a talented team behind each facet of every feature. There is a plan of action, a progressive and tested process to make enhancements and advancement of programs that run the Framework.

Not every company is cutting edge, some are still using Legacy Equipment, and rely heavily upon the Framework to work gracefully with their current systems. Patchcord's goal is to work on all systems.

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Patchcord provides a number of important services beyond the power of the Framework. The ability to pull, organize and present data from hundreds of connected sources in different ways, is just one of the Frameworks compelling features.

The Framework comes with enormous potential right out of the box. Companies can manage thousands of employees, dictate user levels, manage data systems locally and literally dozens of other features that can be customized to each company's need.

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Patchcord has been around since 2004. The idea was to ease the pain of Corporate I.T. on many levels. It worked, and has been growing steadily ever since...

Now the Patchcord Framework is a powerful robust tool to help companies work more efficiently, save money and be more competitive.

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January 2017 - Framework 3.5.2 has been released!

January 2017 - Patchcord Framework Launcher (mobile app for Android and iPhone, iPad, iPod) 1.21 has been released!

July 2016 - Framework 3.5.2 Beta has been released!

February 2016 - Framework 3.5.1 has been released!

December 2015 - XML Gateway Test Client (WebService Client 2.2) has been released!

October 2015 - Framework 3.5.1 Beta has been released!

September 2015 - Framework has been released!

March 2015 - Framework has been released!

April 2014 - Framework 3.5 has been released!

Patchcord respects the importance of software fixes. Since it's inception the Framework has been going through an evolution of growth, expansion and upgrades.

Every year the Framework goes through a stringent evaluation, to ensure that current software meets industry standards.

Currently the Framework is at 3.5 and plans for 3.6 are already in place.

When you commission Patchcord you are getting a stable product that takes no chances with your company.

We look forward to talking to you about what Patchcord can do for your company.

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Patchcord is always working towards your best interest, and that means we are always monitoring emails.

Framework Documentation
Patchcord documents all elements of the Framework. When things are difficult, we have the documents to read.


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